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We are looking to identify new candidates for induction into the Hall of Fame, to be featured as a rising star, or inclusion in our football gallery.  If you are an athlete/coach or know of someone who should be considered please complete our athlete nomination form.

Nominate an Athlete

Nomination Criteria

Athlete and coach nominations will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis but individuals are generally expected to compete at the national or international level, professionally or at a high collegiate level.  Eligible athletes have typically experienced local and/or national media coverage and are known within their athletic community. Athletes who would make a good role model, have overcome adversity and/or have inspiring stories will also be considered. Individuals who are early in their athletic careers will be featured as "Rising Stars".


Athletes should have at least one ancestor who was born in Laos and identify as Lao/Laotian in addition to being from the USA, Canada, or another country in the Americas. LASHOF is open to all athletes with ties to Laos who self-identify as Lao including those from the region's diverse ethnic groups (Hmong, Khmu', Lahu, Tai Dam, Lu Mien, and more). 

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