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James Kinthiseng

James Kinthiseng is a Pro bodybuilder originally from Cortland, NY  Between 2015 and 2020 he earned pro status in the IFBB, USBF and WBFF. 

James Laos Fitness

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James "Laos Fitness" Kinthiseng

James played football and ran track in high school and it was the strength and conditioning training for these two sports that led him into weight lifting.  High school graduation marked the end of football and track for James but his time in the gym continued.  “I started getting into powerlifting attempting to set the junior raw world record in the bench press,” James said.  After recovering from an injury and going through a bad break-up James decided to spend more time in the gym and he ultimately hired a coach and began competing.  “Fitness and bodybuilding has given a whole new life that I didn’t think was possible,” James said.


James began competing as an amateur in 2013 and earned his United States Body Building Federation (USBF) pro card in Men’s during a USBF East Coast Classic shortly thereafter.  He also competed in World Beauty Fitness and Fashion (WBFF) events where he earned his WBFF pro card in 2015 at the New York Pro Am. He went on to take 2nd at the NSL Pro Show in Los Angeles and 9th at the Los Angeles Pro Grand Prix In 2016.


“It was an avenue to make my parents proud and to stand out and I love being an inspiration to young to people to whether it’s thru competing and working out or with business and just succeeding in life and showing that anything is possible and that what you want exists”, said James.

James took a break from the sport but in 2020 made a tremendous comeback.  He earned an International Federation of Bodybuilding (IFBB) pro card during the NPC North Americas in Men's Physique. 


Bodybuilding isn’t just a sport to James, it’s a lifestyle.  He turned his passion for fitness into a business, first operating a brick-and-mortar vitamin store in San Diego and then switching to an online model. 


“Always remember, the dream is free and that the Hustle is sold separately. I am living proof that anything is possible. I have failed at everything in life at least once if not multiple times. But a winner isn’t someone who has never failed but someone who just tried just one more time”, said James.

James Kinthiseng traces his family origins to Champasak province in southern Laos. He is proud of his Lao heritage and even adopted the handle "James Laos Fitness".  

About this Article

Information for this article is from and interviews with James Kinthiseng. A special thank you to photographer Jeff Binns.  

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