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Ohn Scoggins

Ohn Phommavong Scoggins is a pro disc golf player from Los Angeles, CA.  She is one of the top ranked players in the world having won multiple masters titles.  She is currently sponsored by Innova.

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A Natural Athlete

When Ohn landed in Los Angeles in 2009 she was overwhelmed by the bright lights, huge freeway's and fast pace of life.  Full of optimism the girl from a small rice farming village in Laos was excited to start a new life in America but had no idea that she would one day be one of the most celebrated athletes in a sport that she had never heard of.

Ohn Phammavong grew up in a poor but loving family in a rice farming village in rural Laos before moving to Vientiane in search of work.  One day while visiting the tourist mecca of Vang Vieng she met a backpacker from America, Justin Scoggins.  Two weeks later Ohn and Justin were engaged and she joined him on his adventures backpacking across Asia.

Ohn and Justin returned to America in 2009 and settled into a life in Los Angeles where Justin introduced her to one of his hobbies, disc golf.  "He had been asking me to go play for like a year", said Ohn. It took some convincing for Justin to get Ohn would play but when she did it became evident that she was a natural.  "Ohn is kind of a natural athlete", Justin said. 

A weekend hobby would soon morph into a profession.  Ohn would go on to win tournaments across the country, landing a sponsorship with Innova and becoming a Pro Disc Golf Association (PDGA) Masters National and World Champion.  She took 7th at the 2022 PDGA World Championships and 3rd at the US Disc Golf National Champioships.  Ohn currently plays on the PDGA tour and is working towards her ultimate goal of becoming a PDGA World Champion. As of October 2022 Ohn was ranked #2 in the world.

About this Article

Information for this article came from interviewing Ohn Scoggins on the SEA4 Podcast.  Photos are courtesy of Justin and Ohn Scoggins.

Last  Updated: October 27, 2022

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