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Pat Channita

Pat Channita is a professional skateboarder from Garden Grove, CA.  He is known for his appearances in several skateboarding films during the 1990s and early 2000s. Pat won the World Cup Skateboarding (WCS) street title in 1999 and had his own signature pro skateboard and shoes. 

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A Skateboarding Legend

During the 1990’s a street skateboarding sub-culture exploded in Southern California.  Great weather and miles of urban landscapes made the Los Angeles area a skateboarding paradise.  Its no wonder that Orange County native, Pat Channita, would close out the decade as the number one ranked WCS street skateboarder in the world.

Pat Channita was born in Seattle, WA, to parents who immigrated from Mouang Khoun, Xiangkhouang province as Laotian refugees in 1975. Pat’s family is part of the Khmu’ ethnic group which makes up a large part of the population in Northern Laos. Xiangkhouang has the distinction of being in the most bombed province in Laos during the secret war and much of the area was destroyed. The Channita family arrived in Santa Barbara, CA, in 1975 and Pat was born two years later in Seattle. The family put down roots in Garden Grove, CA, where Pat’s father Ngeun, who goes by Edmund, is a leader in the local Lao-Khmu’ community.  He helped to found the Khmu’ Community of Orange County in 1981.  The organization was established to help support the growing refugee population become acclimated to life in the U.S.A. and now seeks to preserve the Khmu’ culture.  

In 1986 Pat’s parents gave him a $20 skateboard as a Christmas present that they bought at a local swap meet. In 1990 he entered his first amateur competition and picked up a sponsorship from a local skate shop about a year later.  “By 1992 I had a company that gave me free skateboards,” Pat said. Much of Pat’s fan base and following came from his appearances in several skateboarding videos throughout the 1990’s.  “The first skateboard video I appeared in was in 1993, H-Street Skateboards Lick,” Pat said. He would go on to be featured in several skate films including Plan B’s Second Hand Smoke (1994), The Revolution (1997) and several 411 Video Magazine releases.  

Pat’s first competition as a pro was the 1995 Slam City Jam in Vancouver, BC Canada. During 1997 Pat competed in his first X-Games and the Pat Channita signature pro model skateboard was released.  In 1999 he competed throughout North America and Europe, won the Vans Triple Crown, brought home a silver medal from the X-Games and won the World Cup Skateboarding overall street title.  His success led to appearances in more films including MTV’s Jackass (Season 1, Episode 8) where he participated in a skateboarding stunt alongside Jason “Wee man” Acuna, Daewon Song and Tony Hawk, and to a cameo appearance in the 2001 film Extreme Days.  Pat Channita signature pro shoes were released in 2002.

Pat obtained a Bachelor’s Degree while skating professionally and currently resides in Garden Grove, CA, where he works as a Licensed Vocational Nurse.  He is the first Lao-Khmu’ / Laotian American professional skateboarder. 

Pat Channita
Pat Channita

Photos by: Paul Luna

About this Article

Information for this article is from Skateboarding-Transworld, World Cup Skateboarding, and interviews with Pat Channita. A special thank you to photographer/skater Paul Luna. 

Last Updated: October 10, 2021

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