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Steven Insixiengmay

Steven Insixiengmay is a competitive swimmer from Winston-Salem, NC. He is was selected to participate in USA Swimming's 2021 National Select Camp and started swimming at the University of Georgia in 2022.  He joined the Lao National Swim Team in 2023.

The Martial Artist of Swimming

Mastering martial arts is more than about learning to fight.  You learn balance, mental focus and build core strength.  All things that will help you excel in other sports and in life.  No one knows that better than Steven Insixiengmay.  Mastering Taekwondo has helped Steven develop into an elite athlete in an otherwise unrelated sport, swimming.


Steven was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. As a child he was afraid of the water so his mother, Phet, signed him up for swim lessons.  The instructor noticed something special about Steven and encouraged him to join the swim team.  At first, Steven didn’t like it, but at the age of ten he qualified for his first North Carolina Age Group Championships and after that he was hooked.

Balancing his time between Taekwondo and Swimming, Steven gradually improved.  He was selected to attend USA Swimming National Diversity camp in 2019 and where he had the opportunity to train at the United States Olympic training center in Colorado Springs.  In 2021 he was one of 46 up-and-coming swimmers selected to join USA Swimming’s National Select Camp at the Elite Athletic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA.

Steven attends Forsyth Country Day School and is graduating in the Spring of 2022. After evaluating several colleges and visiting the University of Arizona, Steven decided to verbally commit to the University of Georgia.  The Bulldogs are one of the top college teams in the nation and are known for producing Olympians including Jay Litherland, Nick Fink and Gunnar Bentz.  In addition to joining one of the top collegiate swim programs, Steven would uncover a surprise on the Bulldogs roster. “When he was there visiting this kid came up to him and said sa-bai-dee,” said Steven’s mother Phet. Georgia Bulldog, TJ Pettinger, whose mother is Lao, recognized the last name from his own family tree. As the two investigated things they discovered that they were actually cousins. 

Steven’s goal is to make the 2024 U.S. Olympic Team Trials.  When he joins the Georgia Bulldog’s roster in 2022 he will be one of five known Lao-American NCAA Division I swimmers along with Astrid Dikzwager,  TJ Pettinger, Ariana Dirkzwager and Angelina Messina. His mother Phet, and father, Dalevong, were both born in Vientiane, Laos. 

About this Artricle

Information for this article came from Swimcloud and from interviews with the Insixienegmay family. 

Last Updated: December 29, 2021

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