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Representing Laos

There are many accomplished athletes among the global Lao diaspora. The Lao P.D.R allows internationally competitive athletes with confirmed Lao ancestry to obtain honorary citizenship and represent the country in international competition.  Lao International Sports NFP is working with athletes that are interested in representing their ancestral homeland of Laos in an effort to unite the Lao diaspora communities with the people of Laos, bring pride to the Lao people and elevate the profile of Lao athletes on the international stage. Athletes wishing to represent Laos should be internationally competitive, of good moral character and be able to document their Lao heritage. Athletes that compete in individual sports and can demonstrate the ability to final/metal are of particular interest.  Athletes should have a strong track record of competing at the national/international or NCAA D1 levels. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about the qualifications and process.

Meet some of the Lao National Team Members

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